Best Free Maya Models

When it comes to learning how to model, it’s best to see examples of great modeling work. There are plenty of resources out there for obtaining free maya models, but you can never trust if what you are getting is a good model. We have chosen some of our favorite best free maya models to check out with great design and great topology.


How to make animation

Making an animated film can seem like a daunting task to someone who watches films like Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. It may look like film magic, but with some patience and creativity, creating an animated film is an achievable task even for someone who is new to computer animation. This article will serve as an introductory guide to show the steps in creating an animation film.

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Maya vs 3DS Max

Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya are the two giants of the 3D software world. They are favorites among video game developers, animation studios and VFX production houses. When starting out, aspiring 3D artists are often confused about which software they should pick up and invest their time in. Both 3ds Max and Maya are fully featured 3d packages. They have matured and grown over many years and out of the box, there is almost nothing that can be done in one but not the other. This article will help you figure out some of the differences between Max and Maya and advantages that they have over each other.

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How to model in Maya

From the smallest blade of grass to the most life-like characters, everything in CG Animation starts with the modeling process. 3D modeling is the art of creating a representation of a three dimensional object, real or imaginary. It is the basis of the virtual worlds in video games, movies, architecture, TV Commercials and much more. 3D modeling closely resembles sculpting, in the sense that complexity is added bit by bit to the base form until the artist arrives at the desired result. In the world of 3D, different techniques can be used to create a shape and clay is replaced by polygons.

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How to Rig a Character in Maya

Before any kind of advanced animation can happen, a rig must be built. A rig is the structure of joints and control objects that form the inner workings of an animated model. It allows the model to be animated quickly and precisely by the animator. Analogous to the strings on a puppet, where the puppet is the 3D model and the strings are the rig, the animator uses the strings to make the puppet move. A character rig is a virtual skeleton that is built inside of the model, it follows the anatomy of the character and is generally complete with a facial rig. The more complex the animation must be and the more freedom the artist requires, the more complex the rig will become. Rigging can be one of the more inglorious but essential steps in the process of creating an animation.

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Free Maya Rigs

Here are our top recommended free maya rigs that you are allowed to download and use as a quick way to start animating. Most of these maya character rigs can also be modified as well as deconstructed to see the creators rigging techniques.

DISCLAIMER: Each rig has it’s own set of restrictions for use, so be aware of how you use them. Some allow for commercial use, and some do not.

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